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In June 2015 the new Mobi-TRACK tool offers the following services will expand.
New services:
· Menetlevébe calendar to note writing (in advance, in arrears)
· Enhanced CAN queries (+ speed, engine temperature)
· Setting up automatic downloads of journey,
· HTML fuel companies accounting Kontrol,
  Mobi-TRACK entry
In recent decades, increasing demand has emerged over the car park holders to oversee the running of their vehicles and technical information. These data can be optimized by controlling a vehicle usage and driving on the basis of these data and data management over the lifetime of vehicles can be increased, reduced consumption and, not least, can provide protection for their vehicles, cargo, employees. Using the automotive market supervisors to increase their competitiveness and achieve significant advantages against competitors. The usual passengers, in addition to growing use of trucks the need arises machinery, agricultural machines in the field, but has been used boats, sailboats, hot air balloons, field supervisors person.
The operation of the systems to a central unit, Mobi-TRACK device should be placed in the vehicle to be monitored. The Mobi-TRACK positioning device based on its location to the GPS satellites, receives data from the peripheral units and connected to the central server via the GSM / GPRS network.
The storage provider's server, storage, processing and evaluation. The server, if necessary, based on your settings, take action and notify the addresses specified events. The users own computer, / PC, PDA, iPad, iPfone, Android phone on / off request and the data in the map display. Stored routes can be displayed retroactively, it can be saved up for a year. The Mobi-TRACK device installed in a vehicle alarm system can transmit alarm events.
The Mobi-TRACK fleet tracking system can reach anywhere in the world, you have access to only one Internet user name and password you need.

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